OrbusVR will let players become Tinkerers on November 5 and customize their house on November 19


OrbusVR has been hinting at its new crafting profession and house customization features for a little while now, but only recently have we gotten a better look at what’s on deck for this profession and when these features will release.

The Tinkerer profession itself will arrive on Tuesday, November 5th. This new crafting profession will let players piece together items from blueprints found from dungeons, world bosses, and NPCs using resources including seven new items. Items the Tinkerer can build include mounts, a chest piece transmog, and a hand lantern, along with a variety of different furniture pieces and wall decorations. And when I say “piece together” I mean that literally: The items have to be placed by hand piece by piece following the outlines provided by the blueprint in a Puzz 3D sort of way.

Two weeks later, on Tuesday, November 19th, players will get to customize every room in their house. Furniture items can be bought from NPCs and achievement trophies can also be displayed, but some of the more distinct furniture can only be made from Tinkerers.

You can take a look at some of this new profession’s crafting in action with some animated gifs shared on the OrbusVR website.

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