Dual Universe releases building tutorial video on Space Core alignment


So Dual Universe now lets players build stuff in space. Even on paper, that sounds tricky, nevermind having to use Space Cores, line them up, and make sure everything fits into one cohesive structure. Thankfully, there’s a tutorial video from Novaquark to help players make sure their Space Cores are lined up properly.

The first trick is to use the arrow keys to slowly make sure that each Space Core is aligned perfectly with one another so a single construct will share a level platform. Players will also want to pay attention to the arrow on the top of the Space Core that indicates which direction gravity is pushing, as well as make sure they’re selecting the right Space Core for the section of their construct you want to build.

The direction of gravity does have a couple of neat tricks that can be applied to constructs. In the video, a demonstration of what happens when players cross a threshold between two Space Cores with different directions of gravity is shown, as well as how aiming gravity can let players do interesting movement tricks like walk in a perfect loop in space without tumbling off into the void. Frankly, a lot of this is better seen than read about, so make sure to check out the video below.

source: YouTube

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