Dual Universe alpha 2.1 will let players create space stations thanks to Space Core Units

In space, nobody can hear you scream (after you hit your thumb with a hammer)


While one of the bigger hooks for Dual Universe has always been about building stuff, making a space station has been a little more challenging. With the launch of alpha 2.1, however, that construction project has gotten much easier thanks to the advent of the Space Core Unit.

Space Core Units are much like normal Core Units in that they allow players to start making constructs, except these can be placed freely in the vacuum of space instead of having to be on a surface. What’s more, Space Core Units can be aligned in such a way to make continuous paths to walk on or even align themselves to facilitate massive constructs, and they even generate their own gravity to make traversal through space buildings easier.

Of course, building in space will come with its own challenges, not the least of which is what happens to your ship when you decide to spacewalk and start building the interstellar diner of your dreams. To make sure player ships don’t go careening into a nearby planet thanks to its local gravity, Dual Universe has the Emergency Control Unit to keep a ship stabilized and the Anti-Grav Unit that projects a massive field that nullifies local gravity.

Alpha 2.1 has also made some improvements to collision detection, added the ability to “physicalize” several constructs at the same time like piloting a smaller ship out of a larger ship while the larger ship continues its trajectory, and improved piloting overall.

You can get a look at some of the things possible with the new Space Core Unit in the trailer below.

source: official site (1, 2), thanks to Cotic for the tip!

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Building….bah… when are they going to let players start shooting bases? (And each other )


Nick Smith

Dual Universe and Starbase…. I get these two games confused in my head. Could someone tell me the differences between them?


Unfortunately I cant play even though I am a backer

The game asks for a specific set of commands from your CPU no other game in the whole mmo market asks and yes it doesnt matter if you got a great graphics card and tons of main memory and a good ssd disk.

That said it still remains on my watchlist for the future as it is one of the most promising projects out there

Ardra Ventax

what CPU does it require? elaborate please


AVX instructions – all i5s and i7s seem to have them but even some of the i3s dont(one of my 2 PCs is an i3 and gets the error).

Edit: You can read more details here