Lord of the Rings Online posts Minas Morgul patch notes

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Lord of the Rings Online posts Minas Morgul patch notes

With its Minas Morgul expansion scheduled for next week, Lord of the Rings Online is all but ready for players to re-invade Mordor and visit its most iconic city. A third build of the expansion is now up on the test server, but even better than that, the patch notes are out for all to devour.

There’s a few points of interest here that are worth pointing out. As Minas Morgul is coming with a bevy of instances, four of these are currently available on Bullroarer. Wardens and Rune-keepers are getting some serious skill adjustments with this expansion, and all classes will be able to earn up to 94 trait points to invest into their builds by the time they hit level 130.

Standing Stone Games also emphasized that some of the expansion’s content won’t be available on day one: “Some elements of the expansion, including the Shelob raid and new Instances, will be released in the near future.”

Source: Patch notes

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Krista Allen

Lol, gah, the raid won’t be available for months, and when it is out, will be bugged


I think I may undust my game account on LOTRO soon