Black Desert PC teases its next class and Black Desert Mobile KR is adding the Mystic


It’s all about classes in this bundle of Black Desert news, which might cause some to roll their eyes, but both additions should be impressive ones. At least if you like to lay into your enemies with lots of raw power.

The PC version of Black Desert is preparing for its next class with a single image and a lore-filled post. The Guardian apparently really wants to kill gods, while her other hobbies appear to include wearing every animal as a cape and crushing fools with a big axe. Information on when the Guardian will arrive isn’t available yet, but we’re expecting more soon™.

As for Black Desert Mobile, the Korean version is going to get a couple of updates in the form of the Mystic awakening and the Desert region. This update will arrive to Korean players on Wednesday, November 27th, which means it likely won’t be too long for the western mobile release to see the same thing.

sources: Black Desert website (thanks Ark and Ernost!), MMO Culture
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