Sea of Thieves outlines changes to sword combat and teases the Festival of Giving


Another weekly update from Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate is out there, and this time around it’s got lots of things to pour over, with details on a wide variety of adjustments for sword combat that are in the works.

The overall goal with these changes is to make sword combat more fluid, according to Neate, and is part of a larger assessment of character vs. character combat. So what exactly does “more fluid” mean? Shorter cooldown on swinging again when you miss, removal of block stun, a brief delay to striking when you wield a sword in order to both bring it in-line with guns and remove an exploit, and a directional damage indicator to give you an idea which direction the hurty is coming from. All of these changes are due on December 11th, and more adjustments are promised soon.

In addition to sword combat tweaking, the update will also bring the Black Market Archive that grants previously released items (but at a higher price), a fix to ammo crate spawning, the ability to sell Collector’s Chests, and the ability to douse fire by using vomit. Necessity is the mother of invention, am I right?

It’s not all quality of life on December 11th, though. There’s also going to be some seasonal shenanigans on tap according to a teaser video tweet. Expect some form of piratical holiday hijinks coming with the Festival of Giving and likely more details as we come closer to the update.

sources: YouTube, Twitter