Ashes of Creation’s cash shop nods to Game of Thrones as Apocalypse continues to lose players


Baby it’s cold outside, but you can still dress up nice and fancy for the cold in Ashes of Creation with this month’s stock of thematically appropriate items in the game’s shop. Or you can get an adorable husky pupper. Or a handsome holiday caribou. There’s some options. The Rime and Regal offerings introduce items like a decorated caribou mount skin (it has baubles on its horns oh my gosh), a pet skin that turns your pet into a little husky puppy with heterochromia, a woolen greatcoat costume, some fur-lined sabatons, a wolf-drawn carriage, and a freehold cosmetic that transforms a house into a holiday-dressed cabin.

These frosty cosmetics, clearly inspired by Game of Thrones, will be available in the Ashes of Creation shop between Wednesday, December 11th, and Wednesday, January 8th, swapping out with the Bounties of the Verdant Keeper. They will also, like usual, be in bundles that include game time, Embers, and access to alpha or beta phases depending on the package selected. Just in case you want to buy your way into testing and snag some wintery pretties in the process.

We point this out to note that the MMORPG you’d be buying these goodies for is still deep in development. Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, the standalone battle royale mode that Intrepid put out earlier this year to test PvP, is now down to under 10 players on average over the last month on Steam according to Steamcharts. Steam reviews have also slipped down into mostly negative, as players and reviewers report queues not popping and a Halloween event that never ended. It’s a real shame, as our own PvP columnist Sam found the BR game so enjoyable it put the AOC MMORPG on his personal watch list. Hard to enjoy without other players, however.

source: official site. steamcharts. Thanks, Cibax!
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