PSA: Conan Exiles will be free-to-play during this weekend on Steam

PSA: Conan Exiles will be free-to-play during this weekend on Steam

Have you been watching MJ’s Conan Exiles streams and wondering what it’d be like to drop into the sun-baked survival hell of Hyboria? Well, you’re in luck, my masochistic friend, because Funcom has announced a free-to-play weekend on Steam starting today.

Now that Conan Exiles has kicked out the horsie-filled update (which works well for most people), it’s time to let everyone try out the new mounts and mounted combat features. The free weekend will kick off today, December 12th, at 1:00 p.m. EST and run until the following Monday, December 15th, and during the weekend the Steam version of the game will be discounted up to 60%.

Speaking of mounted combat, the devs have heard feedback regarding momentum and mounted combat and will be making some adjustments based on said feedback. Expect these changes to arrive with a hotfix in the coming days.

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What is this, the 4th free weekend in recent history? I’m starting to think I should just leave it installed instead of redownloading it each time. Going to check out the mounts as soon as it finishes downloading a day later.

Toy Clown

I’ve wanted to like this game, even bought it! The server set-ups were horribly confusing and the couple of private servers I tried died or were near-death when I joined. It’s a huge deterrent to an introvert like myself where I prefer to see what I’m getting into before dealing with people.


Server settings are all listed on the side once you select one. So you know what you’re getting in to. Not sure they were always listed like that.


You can play the single-player game and invite friends into your game – they can’t play unless you’re online, and you have to stay within a few 100 meters of each other, but it does work.

Or just mess about in it solo – there’s enough of a story told via the journey steps and the lore-objects scattered about to be worth seeing, even if you don’t care for the survival/building aspects. You can be an “admin” of your single player game and tweak the various settings anywhere from “I’m an invincible god” to “Crom have mercy on his mountain.”

As an admin you can even spawn pets/NPCs to follow you, or fight you, or unlimited building supplies if you want to “play Lego” with Exiles and not worry about all the gathering/processing required. Since you’ve got the toybox, may as well have some fun with it. :)


You can also start a singleplayer game. (That’s what I did.) No online connection, you can take things at your own pace, and time stops when you exit the game. You don’t need to worry that some max-level player will take offense that you’re “too close” to his favorite whatever and flatten your tiny fort while you are doing real life things like working and sleeping.

If nothing else, think of it as “tutorial mode” before going online. You can take your time to come to grips with crafting, learn where the good resource areas are and figure out which camps of homicidal maniacs has crafters or fighters worth capturing and recruiting. You will need to deal with the, um, thrall taming process though. Players literally can’t craft more than the most basic armor and weapons by themselves, no matter how many Feat points you spend. o.O

In single player you can also temporarily set yourself to Admin and play with the server settings from within the game. (You kind of have to, most of the Server Settings menu is hidden otherwise.) You’ll probably still need a settings guide because not all the numbers are necessarily consistent. As in, setting Resource Harvest to 2.0 gives you double the resources. Changing the Spoil Time setting to 2.0 causes everything to have spoil timers of less than five minutes. Setting that to 0.5 gives over an hour. (At least it doesn’t seem very consistent to me.) That will give you an idea what kind of settings you might be looking for in a multi-player server later though.

Oleg Chebeneev

oo nice. time to check it out


Welcome to the wasteland adventurer . Darketo will be expecting you. 💀