Fallout 76 player creates a C.A.M.P. that features a death trap that can be solved only with math

It was my understanding that there would be no math


It’s been a long understood bit of knowledge that the best part of any Bethesda-made video game is the stuff that players make themselves for said game. This truth holds firm in Fallout 76 with the example set by the player known as Korindabar, who has created a C.A.M.P. that serves as a devilish death trap using the most fiendish combination of all: flamethrowers and a math problem.

The so-called “Math Camp” looks innocuous enough, with an adorable little school building that has a message that asks players to submit their page nine math homework. Once players enter the tutoring room, the trap is sprung and the fun begins; players are given time to read a set of instructions on the wall, and then have to punch in the solution to a math problem on a nearby keypad to escape some engaged flamethrowers. Players are unable to fast travel out of Math Camp thanks to a nearby bloatfly named Charles that keeps players in combat.

According to Korindabar, the idea came from other player-built C.A.M.P.s that simply were death traps purely built to kill players, which he found to be unsportsmanlike. “Where is the game? Where is the excitement? If every time you flip the switch you already know the outcome it leaves no suspense‚Ķ no thrill. A game needs to be winnable. Corpses may burn but nothing burns brighter than the hope of survival,” he writes. According to him, many players found his Math Camp to be interesting and even came back to try again if they failed.

Korindabar is no stranger to creative C.A.M.P. site building. He’s also responsible for the creation of a Deathclaw Maze and a site known as “Murder Church.” “I think the C.A.M.P. system is probably the best and possibly most underrated part of the game,” remarks Korindabar. “The C.A.M.P. system is more than a bed and a place to keep our crafting benches. It’s an extension of the player and a way that they can create a story or an event that both interacts with the game world and the players around them.”

You can check out the Math Camp in action as well as take a tour of the site in the videos below.

source: Reddit via Kotaku
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