Chronicles of Elyria is still working on the botched Settlers of Elyria event – and future events too


Chronicles of Elyria has returned after winter holidays with a new newsletter for backers. As usual, the newsletter is pretty fluffy (I mean, there’s literally a meme about pigs-in-blankets), but the studio also posts a run-down of devs who’ve joined the Soulbound Studios team, which actually is good news: There’s a former Camelot Unchained and Star Citizen dev brought on as a producer, a former Destiny franchise dev who’s now on UX/UI design for Elyria, and a Halo artist brought on for UI work as well.

The studio also teases one of the elusive desert NPC groups and points to players to the Settlers of Elyria update thread for the latest news on that botched event (it hasn’t been updated since before Christmas, though). There’s also a section on in-game knowledge.

“In Chronicles of Elyria we make a strong distinction between what you know, and what your character knows. Mostly this is done to make sure that things like looking up a recipe online won’t create an in-balance where one player has to go through in-game means to acquire information while another just looks it up and bypasses a ton of the effort that was meant to be involved. However, treating character knowledge the way we do also means that you will need to take your character out into the world to learn the things you want your character to know. Even as a Kypiq character, you won’t simply be “born” knowing how to treat Ironwood. (Unless you spark into a Kypiq artisan who has already learned the secret, of course!) Instead, you will need to seek out an NPC with the knowledge and convince them to teach you their secrets.”

The studio closes out the missive by reiterating that its “top priority” is fixing the Settlers of Elyria event, followed by the “Organization Faire with Personas” and eventually the annual state of the game blog post. “Work continues on the core CoE game, as the Prelyria client continues to see work done in all of the areas we’ll need for initial testing to begin,” SBS says. As we’ve previously noted, like many similar crowdfunded venturesElyria has long since missed its original launch window; last year, in apparent response to receiving our “stormiest future” award in 2018, the studio declared that in 2019, it would be “the storm.”

That Twitter thread has this gem, incidentally. MMO players, never change.


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Jeremy said that coe was going to be the storm coming in 2019 when he recieved the game with the most stormiest future demerit award at the end of 2018. Now its 2020 and nothing has changed. Tell me jeremy what is going on over there?

Game is obviously a trainwreck in the making heading full speed toward utter disaster.

I wasted 300 dollars on this vapor ware do not buy into the snake oil promises I repeat do not get sucked in like I did.

2Ton Gamer

Sorry you lost so much. I was going to build up to that amount but thankfully I resisted until I saw further proof and what I saw instead turned me away. Too bad…


Fake it till you make it!

P Jones

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: These guys are clowns. Anyone who is still waiting to give them money deserves what they are going to end up with.


“There’s a former Camelot Unchained and Star Citizen dev brought on as a producer”

Their CV “extensive experience at not actually releasing a game” = obviously qualified for CoE.


I’m not sure bailing before the release of his last two games is a great credential, but he does fit well on this team.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

That was exactly what I was thinking while reading this sentence! lol