Chronicles of Elyria postpones its unsold land sales with a date still to be determined

Behold. Nothing.

As you may recall, Chronicles of Elyria touted that it was running a big event recently with its “Settlers of Elyria” event, which came down to selling players unsold land while fencing against NPCs trying to buy the same land. It’s not an “event” in the traditional sense, since the game is in no form of testing whatsoever, but it looks like things still wound up so buggy that the entire event was suspended as the developers struggle to get the purchasing portal back into a working state.

The slow response time for this particular event is attributed to the holidays coming around and a lack of manpower to fix any issues, with players promised that the event will resume when the developers are sure that things are in a working state. Then you can buy more land, although all NPC claims will have been reset (player purchases will still be honored). More accurately, then you can pretend to buy more land, since as we noted the game is currently not in any playable state and thus the land already purchased and yet to be bought is entirely theoretical.

Fan response has been overwhelmingly negative, not for the company’s handling of the errors but for the simple fact that the developers are trying to develop a completely different way of selling this that is more complex and time-limited. Or at least, they will be trying it again, once the site is working again.

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