Dual Universe shows off how players can trade constructs to one another

This news story brought to you by Wacky Wolfy's Spaceship Superstore and Hot Wings House


I’m now officially intrigued by Dual Universe because it could now, potentially, allow me to live out my far-flung and wild dream of being an interestellar space car salesman. The developing game’s third alpha will feature construct trading, which lets players trade built constructs like ships to one another. Wacky Wolfy’s Spacecraft Superstore and Hot Wings House, here i come!

Here’s how it works: Players can sell a built item with a Construct Key by Tokenizing it and then trade that key to another player using the barter system. Once the trade is complete, the purchasing player has to go to where the construct is located and use the key to make the item their own. Mercifully, there’s a way to set a navigation point for where the newly bought construct is located.

…or you could just come on down to Wacky Wolfy’s Spacecraft Superstore and Hot Wings House! Wings to eat, wings to fly, come on down to Wolfy’s and buy, buy, buy!

source: YouTube

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Nick Smith

Wacky Wolfy’s sounds like a great place to work! I want to be your VP hot wings division.