Albion Online reminds players what can and cannot be moved when the Queen update arrives


Are you ready for the Queen update in Albion Online? That’s not a rhetorical question meant to build up hype, actually; that’s a legitimate query into whether all of your belongings are in order; since the update is going to drastically change the Outlands PvP area, players are being reminded which items are being moved once Queen arrives on January 20th.

Players in the Outlands will be moved to a city with a portal closest to them along with personal items in banks and battlevaults. Players in affected Royal continent zones will be moved to the nearest zone entrance. As for items in guild-controlled bank tabs, they’ll be moved to that guild’s island bank. If a guild doesn’t own an island, those items will be destroyed. And as for guild islands, those will be moveable for a month once Queen goes live.

There are several items that will not be making the move -namely, items currently for sale or in the completed tab of Marketplaces in Guild Home Territories; all placed furniture, including placed chests and their contents; and farmable items and buildings left in territories.


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