Bless Unleashed kicks off a weekend-long server stress test


Bandai Namco is looking for players to put the servers of Bless Unleashed through its paces. From now until Monday, February 3rd, at 1:00 p.m. EST, everyone is invited to “make the servers pray” as the devs put it.

Players who have participated in previous open betas as well as new players are invited in to test the MMO’s server infrastructure, with 30 levels’ worth of content and several GMs on hand who will be kicking off special events designed to push the servers to their limits. All participants should bear in mind that any progress made during this test won’t carry over, but there are a couple of exclusive titles to earn for the game’s launch, so you’re still urged to get in there and stomp your feet.

In other Bless-adjacent news, Bless Mobile has provided a look at the male Pantera and female Mascu races. The game is due to release in South Korea and China at some point soon, but it might still be at least worth a brief peek if only to see the little variances between the PC and mobile versions of these races. Maybe.

sources: press release, official site, MMO Culture

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I’ve been having fun.. the graphics are FANTASTIC on oneX.. runs very smooth and the combat is enjoyable.. i like mmos on my couch.. wish more would do it. The only thing that bothers me about this is there IS NO RELEASE DATE.. so itll be months… :(


Been VERY impressed with this so far. Went in with no expectations after the fiasco that was Bless Online, but this is truly a different game and a really good one at that.