Dead Pixels is another MMO-centric comedy from the players’ point of view


Let’s say you’ve blitzed through the first season of Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, the MMO comedy about a dev studio, and you’re looking for something more in that similar vein. Perhaps you’d be interested in Dead Pixels, which is actually a show that one of our commenters pointed out when we first reported on Mythic Quest.

This UK comedy follows the lives of a group of friends obsessed with the very WoW-like Kingdom Scrolls MMORPG. The show features characters like Meg, an office worker who tries to work dating into her busy gaming schedule; Russell, a well-meaning but dim-witted noob; Nicky, a gatekeeping vet of the game who can’t seem to step away from the title in spite of his bouts of self-awareness about how little he enjoys himself; and Usman, an American player who focuses on his in-game life instead of his wife and kids. It’s likely more humorous than all of that sounds on paper, actually.

Dead Pixels first debuted on the UK’s E4 channel in 2019, which means that watching it outside of the region will likely require a bit of VPN maneuvering. However, if you’re interested in getting some more MMO-based comedy in your TV watching diet, this program may be the ticket. Incidentally, share your favorite MMO shows with us and our readers. Because why not!

source: PC Gamer
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