The cast list for Wildcard’s surprise ARK Animated Series on Paramount+ is bananas

I don't know who asked for this, but I'm also not upset about it as this might be the most amusing thing the ARK...

Among Us shares a cryptic teaser image from its animated series and promises work is progressing

Last summer the world learned that the popular multiplayer title Among Us was getting its own animated series sometime in the future. Unfortunately we...

The Final Fantasy XIV live-action TV series is apparently dead in the water

Remember that talk about adapting Final Fantasy XIV into a live-action television series? No, not the Dad of Light series that included FFXIV as...

Fallout TV series creators talk about its characters, story, and attempts to hit a ‘mordant comedy’ tone

Fans of the Fallout franchise with an eye on Amazon Prime’s upcoming TV series have thus far dug up information about only the cast,...
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Amazon’s 2024 Fallout TV series will take place in Los Angeles

War... war never changes, which is good news for Fallout fans who crave ever more of the post-nuclear adventures that itchy trigger fingers cause....

Among Us is getting its own animated TV series sometime in the future

There isn't a lot of story to be told in the greater scheme of the multiplayer deceive-em-up Among Us, but apparently there's enough meat...

Preserving Worlds is an indie TV docuseries about preserving classic MMORPGs

So here's something fun we just learned about thanks to a friendly tweet: Preserving Worlds is a 2021 indie TV show on Means TV...

Apple TV announces an upcoming Mythic Quest spinoff miniseries called Mere Mortals

It appears that the MMO dev studio sitcom Mythic Quest is popular enough to warrant a brief spinoff series. Apple TV+ recently unveiled its...
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Amazon says its Fallout series won’t follow any of the games’ stories

What's your favorite Fallout game? I am quite partial to Fallout 2, as it was a mainstay on my PC for over a year...

MMO development sitcom Mythic Quest premieres third season November 11

Were you among those who enjoyed the first two seasons of the MMO game developer sitcom Mythic Quest? Then you probably already knew that...

MMO game dev comedy series Mythic Quest debuts teaser trailer for upcoming third season

The story of the dysfunctional MMO game dev studio of Mythic Quest will continue to be told as promised. This year's San Diego Comic...

Fallout TV series unveils several members of its regular cast

Back in 2020, we learned that a TV series based on Fallout was in the works. The initial announcement confirmed that this new series...

Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series kicks off production this year

Back in July 2020 we reported on the news of a Fallout TV series, which was confirmed to be headed to Amazon Prime Video...

Lost Ark to debut ‘Heroes of Arkesia’ animated series next week

While Lost Ark's fairly successful beta test wraps up today, fans won't have to wait until launch next year to get their next jolt...

Mythic Quest, the TV series about an MMO studio, is greenlit for another two seasons

One of the few bright spots of 2020 was the announcement of Apple TV+ show Mythic Quest, the Rob McElhenney-run comedy about a game...

Love O2O is a Chinese romantic comedy series about two people finding each other in an MMORPG

We're no strangers to showcasing MMORPG-based TV shows here at MOP. Whether it's the sitcom Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet or the touching drama of...

So Mythic Quest is a TV show about a fictional MMO studio – how well does it represent actual MMO issues?

As an avid MMO gamer and big fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I was extremely excited to watch Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet...

MMO dev sitcom Mythic Quest will premiere a bonus episode April 16 ahead of season two debut

Fans eager for the upcoming second season of the MMO development studio sitcom Mythic Quest won't have to wait until they get a taste...

MMO game studio comedy Mythic Quest debuts its second season on May 7

Back in January of last year, we reported on the comedy series Mythic Quest, which comes from many of the creators and writers of...
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MMO Business Roundup: Guild Wars 2 voice acting, EVE Online mental health, Good Game, and more

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO - and MMO-adjacent - industry news! Guild Wars 2: If you've been bummed about Guild Wars 2's pandemic-times...