Pantheon Rise of the Fallen lands $2.4M in funding and elaborates on its death mechanics


The latest newsletter out of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has some pretty important news to share with its fans on both a game mechanical side and a financial side. We’ll start with the financial portion first, as the producer’s letter segment announces that Visionary Realms has landed $2.4M in private investment for the game, bringing total funding up to $5.34M after an earlier Series A fundraising round.

“This figure is additional to crowdfunding efforts and is a huge accomplishment for Pantheon! We are grateful for our ardent and supportive community, and our investors who share the same zeal to see Pantheon break into the modern game sphere and bring people together,” the announcement crows. “It has been an unprecedented journey, and it is an enormous joy to continue to bring it closer to launch with all of you.”

In celebration of this new cash injection, CEO Chris Rowan and Creative Director Chris Perkins will be joining CohhCarnage on a livestream next week in lieu of the studio’s normal VIP-only Developer Roundtable. The devs will review the state of the game, highlight recent developments, and take a limited number of player questions. On the subject of recent developments, the newsletter also recounts earlier discussions about dungeon plans and a prior look at in-game locations.

Finally, the newsletter offers a closer look at plans for Pantheon’s death mechanics. Players will first fall into a “near-death state” that sees them bleed out eventually unless they receive some healing, and if they do completely die they will suffer a durability loss to equipped gear, an XP penalty, and will need to recover a Remnance that lingers on their corpse before it departs.

If players successfully gather this Remnance (or are resurrected), they will recover unequipped inventory and regain lost XP in the form of Soul Memory, which reads like a separate resource. “In standing resolute despite their deaths and continuing their adventures, players can slowly recall these memories in the form of small bonuses to later experience gains, until there are no faded memories left to recover,” the post explains. The post does note, however, that too many repeated deaths will result in unrecoverable lost XP.

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