Nightingale answers fan questions about building, combat, and beta


The burgeoning Nightingale community was treated to a round of developer Q&As this week on the official Discord server, tackling a wide range of subjects from building to the death penalty to the server setup.

If you want the bullet point breakdown of the Q&A, here you go:

  • There will be airships but “not as player-facing vehicles.”
  • Building elements can be destroyed to reclaim some resources.
  • Players can solo all of Nightingale but it might be a “challenging experience.”
  • Bases can be protected by barricades.
  • You can link up with friends on specific servers.
  • There will be dedicated servers with a cap of six to 10 players per realm.
  • You can create multiple characters.
  • Death penalty: “Right now we have a fairly standard death system where players lose their full inventory on death and respawn at their respite spawn point.”
  • Resources don’t respawn, which will push players into new realms on a regular basis.
  • The hunger system will create debuffs but won’t kill the player.
  • Spells are “tethered” to weapons or crafted tools.
  • There is no word yet on mod support.
  • A pet system has been prototyped but not moved into production.
  • Mounts look like a no-go.

Nightingale is a gaslamp fantasy universe,” the team said. “So expect some mysticism and a darker tale of survival. Some of the narrative will be told through the environments, some of it through codex entries, and some of it will be through NPCs. We’ll show this off more clearly closer to the launch. Our narrative team has put a lot of work and thought into building the world of Nightingale, so we’re excited to share it throughout development with you.”

Nightingale is currently planning “closed tests” for the third quarter of this year.

Source: Twitter. Thanks Takyn!
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