Wrath Classic testing shifts to Death Knight experience, arena battles, and raids


While the rumored Wrath Classic prepatch and experience bonus has yet to arrive, WoW Classic players can take solace that the testing process is moving forward to the next expansion. In the latest beta build, Blizzard said that it’s making some phasing changes to the Death Knight starter experience, kicking off a beta arena season today, and opening the doors to the expansion’s key raids.

Speaking of Death Knights, it’s amusing to see Blizzard promoting Wrath Classic’s hero class as if was a brand-new thing. And hey, maybe it is to you! If so, there’s a whole page devoted to walking players through the intricacies of what will no doubt be a popular addition to the legacy servers.

Another item for the #SomeChanges crowd to note is the addition to the “social contract” in Wrath Classic. This is the same popup notice that Blizzard had World of Warcraft players sign with Patch 9.2.5.

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