Pantheon Rise of the Fallen shows off locations, mineral nodes, and terrain improvements


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has got a whole smorgasbord of eye candy to share in its most recent video update, with nearly 50 minutes’ worth of visual previews of various locations, mineral nodes, and mountainous terrain to ogle.

The first half of the video runs followers through a number of concept art previews that highlight human settlements including a village entrance, the human capital city of Thronefast, and some of the more seedier locations that players can find in the human occupied regions. This portion of the video also showed off several mineral node concepts both in art and in-game.

Speaking of in-game, the second half of the video provides several terrain updates of some mountainous regions, which showcase a huge swath of improvements to lighting, textures, and the terrain shapes and placement itself. Feast your eyes in the whole video awaiting below the cut.

source: YouTube
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