The Repopulation’s latest update once again focuses on optimization and error fixing


I’ve often written here about how not every patch or update needs to bring some big ticket feature and that, sometimes, it’s just better to refine what’s in-game now first. That looks to be the case for the most recent update to The Repopulation, which has kicked out a patch that mostly focuses on player feedback and improvements.

As alluded to, these updates aren’t exactly jaw-dropping: Assets like trees and flora have been optimized, shader files have been cleaned up, shader math has been improved, seams between heightmap nodes have been cleaned up, and a number of fixes have been made related to items. Most of these updates, especially regarding trees and flora, should give The Repopulation some faster loading times and pave the way for higher-res assets to be added.

Speaking of things to be added, upcoming changes appear to be focused on error fixing, such as desktop crashes tied to the RIN District, old animation and art errors, and further work on the item and container systems. All of the details are spelled out in the bulletin.

MMO players will recall that The Repopulation was Kickstarted twice for around $230,000 and hit Steam early access in 2014, where it’s lingered ever since – excepting the year it was offline entirely thanks to the HeroEngine dispute that ultimately saw Idea Fabrik take it over in 2017.


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The game died with HeroEngine. I bought this on Steam back in the day, was decent for its time.

Jon Wax

Tried for closed beta with original devs. No go. Watching all this now feels like I owe them a thank you. Dodged a bullet on this one

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meh messed up post sorry


What’s the point anymore…

Kickstarter Donor

In the vein of others…why?

I commend the team for sticking with the game, but do they really see a future and a return on their investment into it? I legit keep forgetting this game exists because all we usually see is news of the team steadily plugging away at patches to fix a whole lot of broken stuff, mostly under the hood, without meaningful changes to the game.

That’s fine and all, that’s the state of the game right now and what it needs.

But are there really enough people even playing, much less spending anything, to keep the game supported? Do they have the funds for a proper relaunch push?

I hate to make this analogy, but this looks more like the plumbers are in the Titanic working to fix a handful of serious leaks in the pipes in the hopes that will save the day…yeah, I guess the work needs to get done and it might help but like…that’s not gonna save the ship alone.

hooby _

I believe the answer to your question (why?) might be that they need to do something to keep getting funded by their investors.

This is a 12 year old start up company that never made any profits, but is still reliant on investor money.

For ten years they own they own the hero engine. For ten years the hero engine has had no visible improvements.

Three years ago they bought Repop. For three years this game has had no visible improvements.

They have previously bought another game called “Hero’s Journey” – which according to their website is still being developed. No visible improvements for a decade.

But they probably have to post regular updates to keep the investor money rolling in. If they stop pretenting to make progress they will have to close shop.


This game is dead, Jim.


The Repopulation has had an average of 3 players online via Steam for months. It could hardly be closer to death.