Astellia Online’s upcoming event celebrates the coming of spring


Guess what? Spring is coming, and we are still in the grace period when cheeky references to some other season approaching are present in the cultural zeitgeist, so Astellia Online gets points for that. Meanwhile, you can get points by taking part in the event, which is currently running until March 17th starting in the major cities of Meiville, Frel Village Almantin Village, and Ivera Fortress.

Stop by the above locations to accept quests from NPCs; there are three types of daily/weekly quests for players to pick up. Complete the goals, which will involve finishing a scenario or a legendary dungeon. Then turn in the quest, earn Early Spring Sprouts for the clear, and turn them in for rewards ranging from a lowly HP or MP potion for just a single sprout to a Tier 1 dungeon treasure chest for 100 of them. Perhaps not the most involved event, but it might help motivate you to spring into action, right? Right?

We’re sorry for the pun.


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