No Man’s Sky adds new plants for bases and bobbleheads for spaceships


Space can be a lonely place in No Man’s Sky, even if there is a multiplayer hub now. For those spans where you’re traveling the void without anyone around, perhaps you need a little friend along for the ride. Like, say, a bobblehead for your spaceship’s console? Because that’s a thing you can have now.

That’s right, bobbleheads have been added to the game as an exotic collectible thanks to the efforts of community research. There are only two bobbleheads right now, in the likenesses of Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nala, but more will likely be added later. These wobbly-headed friends can be installed in any starship cockpit, nodding their fervent approval with every movement your ship makes.

Community research has also unlocked some new plants for players to raise on their bases in the form of the Umbrella Tree, Writhing Bush, and Entwining Tree. Just in case having a bush that apparently writhes at you is something you want in your garden. Weirdo.

The update post that unveiled these new additions has also shared some new featured bases for players to visit, a whole bunch of incredible artwork, and some gorgeous screenshots from the game. Even if you’re not a fan of writhing bushes or bobbleheads, it’s worth a visit to look at those.

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