Population Zero talks about the Hub location and its features, kicks off a day-long stress test


Calling your most important location in the world the Hub is probably not the most imaginative thing, but then again, the NPCs of Population Zero have bigger things to worry about than creative names for the central point of their burgeoning civilization. On a gameplay standpoint, however, the Hub is much bigger than its hastily created name implies according to the latest developer video.

The Hub is a location where players can get quests from NPCs to develop their refuge, as well as a location for players to bring resources to, unlocking things like special NPCs, workbenches for crafting, a non-lethal PvP brawling area, or storage options. There’s also some lore to find out from NPCs and promise of a mystery within the Hub that players will get the opportunity to solve.

If you’ve been following the development updates and news from Population Zero and want to take a peek for yourself, then you can join in on a stress test that’s running from now until Friday, April 4th, at 5:00 a.m. EDT. Bear in mind, though, that your time in-game will be under an NDA.

sources: YouTube, Twitter


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