Final Fantasy XI introduces its April version update

We still care.

This month’s update for Final Fantasy XI is a bit lighter than usual, and in the video digest for the update it’s explained quite clearly why (after a charming little English introduction): Since the staff is complying with all safety measures, there’s a chance the development team may have to deal with some breaks from the development environment, so the priority was getting together a smaller update with all of the mandatory features. But as always, the team expects to be rolling out the next update next month.

As for this particular update? New Ambuscade fights, new monthly objectives for Records of Eminence, and the Monberaux alter-ego obtainable via the A.M.A.N. Validator. There are also some quality-of-life changes, like removing the validation message for setting your home point to your Mog House after changing your job. Little things, but it should be enough to make Vana’diel more enjoyable through the month of April.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)


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Man I miss this game….Abyssea ruined what made it good. Massive level bloat and in one fell swoop an instant invalidation of all old content.