Darkfall: Rise of Agon patches in a new treasure map, graphical updates, and hunts for eggs and toys


The Baradron update for Darkfall: Rise of Agon has gotten another fresh content patch which brings several things to the table for players including prettier graphics, a covetous new treasure map, some adjustments to certain crafted items, and the opportunity to hunt for eggs and toys in two events.

The party piece of the update appears to be the Chaldean treasure map, which is described in the announcement as “the most coveted and scarce treasure map in the game.” Why it precisely is so desirous wasn’t explained, but the update post did state that players can find this new map by completing trade routes, slaying a variety of specific monsters, and as loot from certain daily tasks.

For the crafty Agon player, there are some adjustments in this update such as increased regen and longer buff times for food items made with cooking recipes, and a reduced requirement to open up elemental arrow crafting from bowyer mastery rank 100 to mastery rank 1.

Finally, Rise of Agon should look prettier this patch with the addition of texture, shader, and other graphics updates, and two events are now live in the form of an Easter egg hunt and a monster toy scavenger hunt. There are some other updates in this patch as well, so players will want to read the latest.


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If it didn’t have full loot open world PvP, I might’ve liked it.

Being ganked in Classic WoW when I’m level 20 by a level ?? Horde player who just corpse-camps me until forcing me to log out, delete my character, cancel my subscription and delete my Blizzard account was annoying enough.

(I know, it’s my fault not playing on a PvE server)

But having the same thing AND losing my loot and gear… I don’t have my life THAT much… yet.


This might come as a shock, but this iteration of Darkfall isn’t 100% full loot everywhere anymore. About half of the world is a “yellow zone” in which you only drop your inventory (items you looted or otherwise haven’t equipped, like food and reagents).

Still, it is a rough game, and the new player experience demands some amount of MMORPG veteran experience to endure it. I’d not recommend the game to someone new to the genre, but if you’re looking for a more classic MMO experience, then now is a decent time to give it a look, especially since new players can catch up to end-game in just a few days.


I’ve found my classic MMOs:

1. Turtle WoW
2. SWG Legends

I want an old school fantasy MMO, but Darkfall isn’t it, maybe Wurm Online when it releases on Steam this summer.