TERA is swapping to properly transparent lockboxes


With the next content update on Tuesday, April 28th, the lootboxes of TERA are getting a major refresh. Soon, all of the MMO’s lootboxes will see their contents switched, trading guaranteed items and random consumables for modular chests that are filled with items useable for any player.[AL:TERA]

These chests currently come in seven different themes, filled with either a selection of cosmetic items, seafood items, potions, or gems to name a few. These chests are stackable and can even be sold on the Trade Broker to help free up inventories. Furthermore, both the chests and the lootbox contents are transparent, granting players a look at what items are attainable in each type of box and the percent chance of getting those items.

These changes will arrive first with the upcoming new Dyeable Memorial Dress lootbox, but will eventually encompass all of TERA’s lootboxes ever offered. An advance look at what chests are coming with the lootbox and the chance of seeing items arrive is already posted on the game’s site.

Lootbox tweaks aren’t the only things coming with the update, of course. There’s skill balancing update on the way as well that will touch every class in the game, so it may be worth it for fans to read the adjustments.

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