Overwatch League team Vancouver Titans loses its entire roster amidst controversy

Well, the team didn't lose them, exactly, they're in the same place; they're just not coming back

Turns out esports are terrible.

There has been some talk that the third season of the Overwatch League is kind of crucial for attracting viewers and convincing fans to actually tune in for the game, as that’s been a standing problem for the organization. It’s definitely not a time when you want to hear that the entirety of the Vancouver Titans team has been released from their contracts. That’s exactly the sort of thing that seems like it would lead into a scandal… and oh, look, there’s your scandal wherein it’s claimed that the team organizers weren’t actually accommodating the team sufficiently. That’ll do it.

Obviously, the team owners have contradicted these claims, stating that this decision was entirely due to the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic making team management an unusual challenge. Either way, it’s definitely not a good look for the Overwatch League, and it’s no doubt a significant blow for the competitive league’s fans and watchers.

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