Fortnite follows up the newest Tenet trailer with a full Christopher Nolan film this summer


It seems relatively obvious based on recent events that Fortnite has very little interest in being a video game at this point. Being a virtual movie theater, though, that seems to still be in the cards. The newest trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Tenet recently premiered not in the (almost universally closed) movie theaters, but in Fortnite. And that’s just the start, as another one of the director’s films is apparently going to be showing in the game’s special Party Royale hub.

The specific film to be shown has not yet been announced, especially as Nolan has a variety of films likely suitable for viewing by players within Fortnite’s age rating. It’s almost certainly not going to be Tenet, which as of yet has not announced a change from a release date of July 17th. Then again, we live in a world wherein Fortnite has premiered a new trailer and is basically acting as a virtual theater space for a movie, so it could probably be anything at this point.

Source: VG24/7, Kotaku

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Hikari Kenzaki

Fortnite is going to end up being the OASIS and we’ll forever be stuck in cartoon virtual reality trying to build spike traps before getting headshot just to watch an episode of our favorite 80s TV show.

Jon Wax

Fortnite: The Musical

“Do you have some wood for meeeeeee?”

“No… You layzeeeeee doooooosh bag!!”

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

This event was what finally persuaded me to make the effort and install Fortnite. I don’t intend to play the game but I do mean to use the non-gaming functions.

I fell out of the habit of going to live gigs and movies long before the pandemic made it the norm. The possibility of having those things brought to my home in virtual form is far more enticing than any video game will ever be.

Fortnite is, of course, just a step along the way, but it’s an important one.

Kickstarter Donor

If Fortnite end up being where the metaverse starts, I want to live in another timeline.


Originally it was supposed to be this: