Opinion: Free Guy is a great watch – particularly for MMO fans

I don't wind up writing a whole lot of movie reviews. This isn't because I don't watch a lot of movies or don't think...

Director Sir Ridley Scott sounds off on the Fortnite ad spoof with mild disappointment

Aside from directing Gladiator, Alien, and Blade Runner, Sir Ridley Scott is also known for directing the famous '1984' commercial for Apple - because...

Fortnite follows up the newest Tenet trailer with a full Christopher Nolan film this summer

It seems relatively obvious based on recent events that Fortnite has very little interest in being a video game at this point. Being a virtual...

French World of Warcraft fans release epic live-action War on Lordaeron short film

I'm gonna tell you to go get some popcorn now, and not because of drama. It's because it's movie time! World of Warcraft movie...

Netflix is making The Division movie with a new director

The Division's cinematic adaptation is picking up steam, especially now that it has a home on the popular Netflix streaming platform. Ubisoft announced recently...
Let the wrong ones in.

Valve is getting rid of Steam’s non-gaming video service because you probably didn’t know it existed

Sorry, Steam fans, but the platform's non-gaming video section is being retired. Yes, you will no longer be able to buy hit movies like...

Latest Monster Hunter film photo gives hope for a (somewhat) faithful adaptation

At this point, it's a fairly natural reaction to be wary of video game movie adaptations, especially ones that employ the tired old "person...
Roar and such.

Capcom officially announces live-action Monster Hunter film adaptation

There have been rumors flying around for a while, but we've got more concrete details now: Capcom has confirmed that a film adaptation of its...

Warcraft movie props are being auctioned off on May 14

If you have a few hundred dollars to burn and are eager to get World of Warcraft-esque movie props in your home, you're in...
More than you know.

The Division movie names Stephen Gaghan as director

You may have forgotten that a The Division movie has been in the works since last year. That is understandable: Time passes, trash day...
Someone must have had fun with this at some point, right?

Legendary Entertainment is making an e-sports film starring Will Ferrell

Well, it's official: No one gets to act as if e-sports or video games are anything less than mainstream at this point. Legendary Entertainment,...
Seriously, cool it.

You can buy the Warcraft movie in September

Did you miss out on seeing Warcraft in theaters? Or did you see it so many times that the producers put a special mention...

Warcraft has become the most successful film adaptation of a video game

The strength of its success at the Chinese box office has led Warcraft to be the single most successful video game adaptation film to...
Oh, no, I have to list this among my past acting credits!

Editorial: The Warcraft film is absolutely awful

A film does not have to be good to be entertaining. I hold that as a pretty firm truth. Snakes on a Plane, for...

The Warcraft movie is going gangbusters in China

Poor overall film reviews or no, Warcraft is most certainly going to make some nice bank this summer. The movie opens in the US...

Warcraft movie premieres in the US, racks up huge ticket pre-sales

This is a huge week for the Warcraft movie. After releasing overseas, the motion picture adaptation of Blizzard's video game universe will be coming...

The Division is gunning for a movie adaptation

Players sucked into the setting and narrative for The Division might be interested to know that Ubisoft is exploring the possibility of getting it made into...
Someone thinks this is neat.

Go to see the Warcraft movie, get a free copy of World of Warcraft

Do you somehow not have a copy of World of Warcraft? It's weird, but it happens. But now you can get it for just...

See the new Warcraft movie trailer and poster

Warcraft's June 10th movie premiere is coming a lot faster than you'd think, and the promotion machine for the fantasy film is well underway....
Oh my.

Warcraft rolls out a new TV spot, posts set pics with game references

World of Warcraft fans shouldn't worry too much that the upcoming movie will be devoid of cheeky references to their favorite game. Director Duncan...