Warcraft movie props are being auctioned off on May 14


If you have a few hundred dollars to burn and are eager to get World of Warcraft-esque movie props in your home, you’re in luck. Several of the props from the Warcraft movie are going to be auctioned off starting on May 14th. This includes props like the news board clearly modeled after the similar boards found in WoW cities and an entire set of horse armor. Useful if you already have a horse with near-boundless patience, less useful if you have a cat whose patience is already sorely tested.

Of course, since this is an auction you can’t just outright buy these things, and the mentioned ballparks of “a few hundred dollars” are purely based on previous similar auctions. Still, we’re fairly sure that you would turn some heads by buying a giant Alliance shield and hanging it in your place of business, so perhaps that’s exactly the way to look at this.

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