The Warcraft movie is going gangbusters in China


Poor overall film reviews or no, Warcraft is most certainly going to make some nice bank this summer. The movie opens in the US tomorrow, but it’s already become a massive hit in China, where it released yesterday.

Warcraft, which cost $160 million to make, raked in $47 million in China during that first day. This is more than last year’s initial release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the region, which registered somewhere in the low $30s. The fantasy film also broke the record for the all-time midnight screening record in China, netting $8.4 million from those showing alone.

China is a huge market for the movie, as many World of Warcraft fans hail from the country. Legendary Pictures, the film studio behind Warcraft, was bought for $3.5 billion by a Chinese company earlier this year.

Warcraft is expected to pull in about $25 million from the first 24 hours in the US.

Source: QuartzEurogamer
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