Raiding might be a component in Guild Wars 2’s living story season three


If you were hoping that raiding will quietly disappear in Guild Wars 2 the way so many other features have over the years, you might reconsider. An ArenaNet forum specialist has written that he believes raids will possibly be a component of the upcoming third season of the living story, due to kick off later this summer.

“I don’t have exact figures, but internally to ANet the raid team is lauded and praised for being a massive success,” writes Rising Dusk, ArenaNet’s forum specialist for dungeons, fractals, and raids. “I am under the impression that there will absolutely be more raids, potentially even very soon as a component of LS3 (they said this was a possibility, so no guarantees).” What “success” means in this context is unclear.

“They’re the only team to ever release new content for group instances outside of the Living Story. Of course they’re a success,” quips the top response on Reddit.

ArenaNet’s Gaile Gray has downplayed Rising Dusk’s comments, however, saying that we should not take his post as a hint and subtly warning players and media not to read too much into it.

“I just want to point out that Rising Dusk is giving his opinion of what may take place in the future. Maybe even a ‘wish list’ for Raids. Our forum specialists are not privy to confidential information such as forward-looking, unannounced plans. They represent our forum members, and they do it well. Their perspective is of particular value because they are looking at the game as you do — as members of the player community. To keep that clear perspective, we don’t expose them to internal testing, NDA-bound info, private/internal communications, or that sort of thing. I wanted to make this clear so that no one is under the mis-impression that there has been a ‘leak’ or that our specialist is ‘dropping hints’ about future raids based on private internal communications. They are simply sharing their thoughts and opinions, which is perfectly fine.”

That isn’t quite how it sounded to us (“they said this was a possibility” is not an opinion), but take that under advisement.


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