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Desert Oasis: How Pearl Abyss can guarantee Shadow Arena succeeds

Hands down, Shadow Arena is my favorite battle royale. But just because I've written so many glowing words of accolades for the game does...

Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet chased the 2016 Gaile Gray account hacker all the way to Germany – and lost

Back in 2016, MassivelyOP covered an odd story about the Guild Wars franchise and a hack that seemingly involved the account of then-ArenaNet employee...

Guild Wars 2 compensates those suspended unjustly in 2018 spyware cheater purge thanks to victim’s GDPR sleuthing

Last April, the Guild Wars 2 community was shaken by the news that over 1500 players had been suspended from the game after ArenaNet...
I'm alive! I promise.

Guild Wars 2’s legendary upgrade feature accidentally joins weekly patch as new RMT griefing trick emerges

If, like our staff, you looked at yesterday's Guild Wars 2 patch notes and thought it was a "filler patch" with just a handful...

Guild Wars 2 plans balance patch, addresses lockbox regulation as armor crafting woes continue

We've got a bunch of scattered Guild Wars 2 news to cap off the week! First up: the balance patch. Unfortunately, in typical recent...

Guild Wars 2: New systems team, outfit vouchers, PvP updates, Revenant overhaul, and anniversary sales

One of my big grumps with Guild Wars 2 and plenty of other MMORPG cash shops is the time-limited items. The stuff I want...
I'm here to talk with you about patch cadence.

Guild Wars 2 used client-side spyware to aid its latest purge of potential cheaters

ArenaNet's just gone on a purge of potential cheaters in Guild Wars 2. "Yesterday we suspended 1,583 accounts for a period of 6 months," Gaile...

MMO Mechanics: Material storage and the Guild Wars 2 economy

Guild Wars 2 launched its second expansion, Path of Fire, a few days ago, and as you might expect, a new expansion means some immediate...
Where now?

Guild Wars 2 hopes to enable elite specs during tomorrow’s Path of Fire open stress test

Didn't get your fill of tinkering with Path of Fire during Guild Wars 2's recent preview weekends? You can have another go at it...

PSA: Guild Wars 2’s mounts may be causing motion sickness issues

Longtime readers will know that we take motion sickness from games pretty darn seriously around here, given that we have a writer who's been...
This is fine.

Guild Wars 2 addresses outage bugs, NCsoft deals with DDOS attacks

When you're running an online game, there are certain words that are pretty much always a harbinger of problems. Words like "outage," and "missing,"...

NCsoft appears to be blocking former Soviet states from WildStar

Reports this morning that players in various former Soviet countries, among others, had been unceremoniously barred from accessing NCsoft MMORPGs WildStar and Guild Wars...

Guild Wars 2 allows one more week of Halloween fun

As Guild Wars 2 players have been enjoying the Shadow of the Mad King festivities, they have also been wondering when, exactly, the game's...

Guild Wars 2 changes course on its economy and PvP

Guild Wars 2's resident economist John Smith made an announcement on the official forums yesterday, and no, it wasn't about butter, but it was...

Guild Wars 2’s Mike O’Brien on the Gaile Gray hack

Earlier today, Redditors began circulating a forum thread filled with pictures of a character named Gaile Gray running around classic Guild Wars spouting nonsense (and worse)....

Raiding might be a component in Guild Wars 2’s living story season three

If you were hoping that raiding will quietly disappear in Guild Wars 2 the way so many other features have over the years, you...

Guild Wars 2’s next raid wing opens March 8th

During its weekly Twitch stream, ArenaNet announced that Guild Wars 2's next raid wing will open on March 8th. "The second wing of our...

Popular Guild Wars 2 YouTuber team banned for cheating

Protip: Don't cheat in video games, especially always-online MMORPGs where the devs are actively seeking out cheaters and have a reputation for humiliating them...
Probably a game.

Guild Wars 2 plans post-Heart of Thorns balance changes

On the Guild Wars 2 official forums today, ArenaNet's Gaile Gray has outlined a number of balance changes heading to the game, once again...

Guild Wars 2 will end Mordrem invasion today with no further adjustments

As we reported last week, Guild Wars 2's Mordrem invasion had a rough go of it as players experienced bugs and other issues with...