Indie MMO One Hour One Life’s latest update annihilates nearly all of its reported issues


The indie sandbox MMO One Hour One Life has made a lot of strides recently, with the game continuing to crank out new updates every single week. Since it was update #68 when we last reported on this game, we’ll not try to cover every single update made since. However, the latest update is pretty meritorious as it celebrates the end of its reported issues. At least, at the time of the update’s writing; as of this story’s writing, there are just a few issues on the ledger.

According to the post for the so-called Zero Bugs Update, solo developer Jason Rohrer believes the game is in a good place. “Most of the systems, like property, leadership, and YUM chains are more useful, and therefore more widely used, than ever before,” he writes. It would seem that the players agree, as Steam user reviews have moved more in to the “Mostly Positive” slant, which is an improvement from previously reported worries that the game was turning in to “Fortnite Battle Royale: Lorax Edition,” as one user remarked.

Since it has been some time since One Hour One Life has been on our news pages, we feel it worth looking back on this one’s history. The game effectively has players living out one single life, from birth to death, in an hour-long session where the goal is for players to slowly rebuild civilization. It released on Steam in November 2018 and has been making updates to itself every single week since. It also has had some confounding port issues due to the game’s public domain nature, particularly one mobile port of the title that ultimately caused Rohrer to give up submitting disputes.

source: Steam
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