Astellia Online previews next week’s patch and dailies revamp

I understand why, but also why?

A patch is right around the corner for Astellia Online — but what wonders and mysteries will it bestow upon players? You won’t have to live with such great uncertainty in your life thanks to a preview of the June 9th update that has been posted on the forums.

The dev team is actually paring down content with the patch, pruning all of the daily quests and boss quests while merging the weekly quests in the Greleaf, Rag Rock, and Astara zones. This is being done due to community feedback that so many dailies were “tiring.”

With the removal of weekly boss quests, players can now just group up to tackle the newly strengthened monsters any time they like and share in the rewards. The dev team is also going to buff deck effects and combine Astra potions as to not overflow players’ inventories.

While this is just an adjustment patch, it should be noted that it’s coming hot on the heels of a big content update that added a new zone and more to the fantasy MMORPG.


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Dug From The Earth

For a non-western mmorpg, this game does a lot of things right.

Its also one of the best Unreal Engine 3 implementations in an mmorpg Ive seen to date. Performs well, looks great. Some of the areas are absolutely amazing to look at.

Game feels solid, combat is fun, the concept of the astels is cool too.

Its got a few “we didnt try hard enough, or much at all” issues, however.

1. Gender locked classes. Quite a few of them.

2. Quest hubs all follow the same, identical pattern. Show up to new quest hub… pick up 1 main story quest, and 2 side quests. The main story quest will chain 1 or 2 additional times, each time it chains, a new side quest may open. Rinse, repeat. Its so blatantly obvious that this is the pattern/structure they used that it starts to make the questing feel like it lacked any hand crafted elements.

3. To few Astels. There needed to be at least twice as many.


I really enjoyed what I played of this game, and I would play it again, but I’m not touching it til they add the male versions of Scholar, Mage, and Archer that they promised before launch. At this point, I’m fairly certain that they don’t intend to make good on that promise.

Jo Watt

I was about to say… for both comments I thought they promised no gender locked classes. I’m a little surprised to hear they didn’t finish that already.

Though to be fair I half expected to hear the game was shutting down by now.