Astellia Online’s newest patch adds the Tulie story with new zones, dungeons, and Astels


15It’s time to explore a new story in Astellia Online with today’s patch, which adds in the new Tulie Main Quests to the game’s roster. In case you couldn’t guess, this new bit of story taking place after the Miodan quests does not involve going into a place where everything is super great, seeing as Tulie is described literally as “the tragic land,” “trapped in an endless tragedy,” and the city “awaits a savior.” So, you know… no pressure.

On the plus side, all of this tragedy also means new dungeons and field areas, with the field gameplay changing based on the day of the week. The patch also contains a variety of stat changes for the various classes, as well as new balance changes for class skills and new equipment. Once the maintenance ends today you can start getting into the update, so start making this area at least somewhat less tragic, maybe?


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We’re almost a year in and still no update on when male versions of the rest of the classes that they promised back before launch.

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One of the 2 big disappointments about this game

Gender locked classes

And the extremely limited selection of Astels. So many cool looking characters that they could have used, and the primary focus seems to be lolli’s and waifus.


Wait – the classes are still genderlocked? I thought they said last year that gender locking is going away within months?


This should be deemed a crime again gamers, IMO. /le sigh

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I bought the game with the assurance that they were un-gender-locking the classes. That they still haven’t done it is really annoying.

Annoying enough that I’ll post to week old threads I stumble upon and can’t help but vent in. :p