Valorant is being prototyped for console releases as well

I hate this.

At long last, Valorant is officially released so you can play the game. But that’s not enough; everyone knows that the real release is when you can play the game on your computer or your phone or your console or any smart fridges you might have in your house for some reason. This is the most logical reason why Riot is currently prototyping the game in console versions internally.

Keep in mind that “prototyping” is not a synonym for “planning a console release” in this case; this would be an exploratory step to figure out what would need to be done to get the game working on consoles and how it could best be adapted. It’s entirely possible that Riot will ultimately not port the game at all. But console ports are what all the cool shooters are doing these days, so there’s also good reason for Riot to be seeing if it’s a viable plan.

Source: Gamespot
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