MMO sandbox Fractured addresses PvP balancing, may delay player housing test


When last we peeked in on upcoming MMORPG sandbox Fractured, it was running an open playtest. That test is over now, leading Dynamight Studios to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what’s next.

Notably, the devs say that they’ve eliminated the problems associated with starting areas and land grabs from earlier tests. They also say they saw better retention and sales too. But on the downside, the PvP test demonstrated serious balancing problems, and the team is working on fixing framerate drops and adjusting character progression to be a bit less zippy.

MMO fans will recall that the game was hoping to run a player housing-centered test by the end of June, but that might see a delay. “Our intention was for A2-T3 to start at the end of this month (June), but we’re not sure we’re going to be able to stick to the plan,” Dynamight wrote. “This annoying delay is due to a few quirks that are making the implementation of player cities more complex than expected. If not June, it will be early July though, so stay tuned because the announcement is coming soon, and a few other surprises are also in store!”

Source: Official site via Reddit
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