Fortnite’s long-delayed Chapter 2, Season 3 is live today – bring your swimsuit


I dunno about your town, but where I live, all the real-life pools are closed for the summer because of COVID-19. But if you’re still craving some waterplay in your battle royale, Fortnite inexplicably has some for you with the arrival of Chapter 2, Season 3, delayed several times this spring but live as of today.

Notably, the map is about half looded with water, which will recede throughout the season to reveal waterlogged locations and force players to deal with sharks, waterskis, whirlpools, and marauders in the meantime. Also? Aquaman skins, for reasons.

The co-op Save the World edition of the game is due for some fun this month as well, thanks to the edition of a new weapon on Friday and the Star-Spangled Headhunter event on June 26th. Dungeons and the Blockbuster Event, meanwhile, continue on through the end of June. Finally, Creative Mode has seen a list of bug fixes. And that’s it.

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