Ghostly ships sail the Sea of Thieves in the Haunted Shores update


Okay, how does a ghost ship happen exactly? It’s not like ships are sentient creatures or things that would possess a soul, so how does a ship turn into a ghost? These are the questions you should ponder now, because when you meet these ghost ships in Sea of Thieves’ Haunted Shores update, you’ll be too busy being assaulted by ghastly cannon fire to wonder about logistics.

When we say ghost ships, we do indeed mean plural, as there will be fleets of the things being summoned by Captain Flameheart. These spectral vessels wield a wide variety of munitions, but crews that can best some of these new terrors will get a chance to face Flameheart’s flagship the Burning Blade, as well as secure new loot and even some spectral cannonballs of their own.

In addition to the ghostly fleet spawning at random, the Order of Souls will also be issuing voyages that let players take on ghost ships on demand for additional rewards for the faction. There’s also some new regular events happening, some balance adjustments, the selectable sea shanty radial menu, and a variety of things waiting in the Pirate Emporium in-game store. Details are all outlined on both the landing page and the video below.


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