Sea of Thieves looks forward to its next major patch while pledging support for Black Lives Matter and the community

undead, etc.

Everyone should feel welcome in Sea of Thieves. That’s a big message shared by the game’s executive producer Joe Neate ahead of the latest development video, with Neate saying outright that the team has a zero-tolerance policy toward racism and discrimination, that Rare supports Black Lives Matter, and that the team needs to update the actual game itself to better reflect player self-expression and to convey support for people of all sorts. While the preamble is a bit light on actual details, Neate promises that the team will share more details in upcoming updates and on the game’s site.

In terms of actual content, of course, there’s still plenty going on in the video, ranging from the special spectral ammunition of Ghost Ships used against players (including spectral faces fired into the side of the hull and phantom mines) and the upcoming shanty selection interface. There are also improvements to the game’s non-verbal system being added into the next patch, giving everyone a fuller suite of communication tools while out on the high seas.

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