Echo of Soul is getting a new version that will come to the West via Gamigo


This news will either signal an exciting bit of new MMORPG gaming or strike very familiar, depending on whom you ask. In any event, there’s a new version of Echo of Soul called Echo of Soul: The Blue, which is a revamped version of the original title. Why should you care? Because the publishing rights have been snapped up by Gamigo for release in the West — specifically, North and South America, Europe, Turkey, Russia, and CIS territories.

For those who aren’t familiar with the original EOS, it’s had a bumpy ride to say the least. It was originally launched in July 2015, was sunsetted in Korea and China shortly after, then resurfaced in both territories after a year, where its since been under control of Aeria Games in the EU and by Blue Potion Games on Steam here in North America. What this new blue version will mean for those other titles is anyone’s guess.

Further reading on Echo of Soul’s history:

source: MMO Culture (1, 2)
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