Echo of Soul sunsets in Korea next month [Updated]

[AL:Echo]Hangame announced yesterday that it will sunset MMORPG Echo of Soul in its native Korea.

Hangame thanked players for their loyalty since the game’s launch almost exactly two years ago and said that it struggled to provide “satisfactory content” for the game. MMO Culture notes that earlier this year, Hangame announced a focus on mobile publishing over MMO publishing.

The game’s final event will take place October 22nd.

EOS soft-launched into western open beta last May and a month later landed on Steam, where it has since received nearly a thousand reviews averaging to “mixed.” It is published here by Aeria Games and recently patched in new endgame content. There appears to be no sunset planned for the English-language version.

Our sympathies extend to those across the pond losing their game next month.

Source: Hangame via MMO Culture
Update: Aeria contacted MassivelyOP with the following statement: “Aeria Games is committed to the enthusiastic North American and European players of Echo of Soul. While Echo of Soul will be discontinued in Korea by the Korean publisher of the game, this does not affect the future of Echo of Soul in Europe and North America. Developer Nvius will continue to create fantastic new content for Echo of Soul and Aeria will keep delivering a great game experience to all players. We’re currently ramping up towards the release of some long-anticipated content, which we will be excited to announce within the next few weeks.”
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