Lord of the Rings Online remembers Ian Holm, the original Bilbo Baggins, with Baggins’ Birthday event


This past week, at the age of 88, Ian Holm passed away in his London home. From Alien to The Fifth Element, Holm was quite revered and beloved in his long acting career in cinema. But for fantasy fans, Holm held a special place in their hearts as the original Bilbo Baggins from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Lord of the Rings Online players gathered together to remember the man when they heard the news. The Bilbo Baggins character in Rivendell was mobbed by crowds of players looking to pay their respects.

For its part, Standing Stone Games is extending the Baggins’ Birthday event through June 23rd to allow players to celebrate the life of both a fictional Hobbit and a real man. The studio also said that it’s going to stretch out the spring festival until June 29th.

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