SEED’s Klang Games offers updates to combat, Seedling looks, and bug fixes


So how are the developers of the colonization MMO SEED holding up as they work from home, and just what work have they been up to? Those are the questions asked in the latest dev blog video, which, as one would expect, is the “quarantine edition” and also features developer pets.

The video outlines a number of things being worked on for the game, such as work on combat including animations, hit effects, and monsters, the creation of Seedling uniforms and hairstyles, a new tutorial system, the implementation of a new programming method, and a whole lot of bug fixes as part of “Hardening Week.” The video also provides a few notes about how the team is handling things while in quarantine.

Come for the cats and dogs, stay for the development updates. It’s all below the cut.

source: YouTube

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