Defiance and Defiance 2050 are getting the Event Horizon event once again


Who’s ready for leftovers? Both Defiance and Defiance 2050 are getting a freshly microwaved helping of the Event Horizon event, which is running between now and August 3rd. Players of both games are encouraged to take on minor and major arkfalls all around the world, leveraging the power of the Nexus prototype pistol and its Quantum damage.

Defiance 2050 players can rake in Starfall Shards to get a Prime weapon, clear dailies and weeklies to receive Purified Gulanite, reputation, and a guaranteed Legendary weapon with the Cosmic Resonance Fusion set, or get an Event Horizon Cache at Ex Inanis vendors and the in-game store. As for the original Defiance, there’s Quasar Wave Supply Crates that have a chance of coughing up one of nine Quasar Wave jackpot weapons.

For those who somehow haven’t been here before, the announcement post lists all of the details about the goodies awaiting participants.


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It hardly can survive that long if they goes this path.
But still better than recent game.

Shadex De'Marr

Now they just need some players to log on and participate.


WoW – I thought both of these games had sunsetted a while ago. The TV/Cable series they were based on didn’t last long.


Guessing they’ll be kept alive as long as there are some folks who will funnel money into it.

Malcolm Swoboda

3 seasons, with really only enough material to stretch to 4-5 believably, is more ‘okay’ than ‘didn’t last long’.