LOTRO’s Weatherstock XII concert series is this weekend – here’s how and where to join in


OK, Lord of the Rings Online fans. If you can pull yourselves away from the biggest MMO wedding ever, then it’s about to be time for one of the most iconic and long-running player music events: Weatherstock.

That’s Weatherstock XII, of course, as the music festival is coming up on its 12th event with this weekend’s precursor concert series. The fun kicks off on the Landroval server’s Bree Festival Grounds at noon EDT on Saturday, July 11th, with the last show beginning at 8:00 p.m. EDT that night. Day two on Sunday, July 12th, sees the first band hit the stage at 11:30 a.m. EDT and the last at 7:30. We count a total of 34 bands signed up to participate.

Weatherstock XII itself is slated for the following weekend.

Can’t make it in person? There’s always someone streaming it for folks who can’t log into the game.

Source: LOTRO Artists. This piece has been amended to clarify that this is the concert series, the precursor events to Weatherstock this year.

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Bryan Turner

Did they ever improve the player models or do they still look like 2005?


They updated the face and hair models/textures in the Mordor expansion. The rest is unchanged but not that bad.

Stephen Montalvo

Weatherstock is in Bree Festival Grounds this year? Seems a shame.

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It solves a few problems. Low level characters used to need escorts to reach the summit of Weathertop. This was especially a problem as many players from other servers would crate a character just to attend the festival. Weathertop itself was too small to hold the number of players at the time. I suspect the server that hosts Landroval’s Bree and environs is probably beefier than the one that hosts the Lone-lands, although I really don’t know and they could be the same server.

That having been said, I preferred Weathertop as a venue as well. Either way, I’ll probably stop by the fairgounds for a while later today.


This is the Weatherstock Concert Series. The traditional Weatherstock happens on July 18th, still on Weathertop.