Revelation Online adds an elaborate in-game wedding – but not for same-sex couples

I'll take 'bad looks' for $800, Alex.

You know, the great part about MMO weddings is that they let you establish your commitment to someone else in a fantasy setting with no obligation to inherit real-world problems or prejudices. They even don’t require the extensive costs and coordination of real-world weddings. So it’s really nice that Revelation Online has added an elaborate wedding venue with concurrent rewards to the game. Assuming, of course, that you’re not a man eager to marry his boyfriend; then it’s no wedding for you because the game’s weddings are only for straight couples.

And gosh, there’s a lot of stuff in the wedding; you can get a special marital corgi, a permanent carriage mount, furniture options, and even the option to replay the ceremony any time you like. Unless, again, you’d like your girlfriend to be your bride and you’re a lady in this fantasy game. There are, of course, also special outfit options you can pick up as well. So, you know, great show on the wedding… not so much on the restrictions leveled against it.

Yes, we’re aware that Netease (the studio who developed the game) is Chinese and western publisher is Russian. Still a bad look.


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That’s such an odd choice, it takes deliberate effort to have it opposite sex only. Regardless of studio politics why was this a priority? You could be a different sex couple irl and not get married because both decided to be a female. This doesn’t bully lgbt individuals, it bullies everyone.

Because now if you want the goodies that come with it have to either get that wedding for you and someone else or get a character change first.


Have you noticed how authoritarians are universally terrified of homosexuals? Is it because they live life on their own terms and their for undermine authoritarian regimes just by existing?

Malcolm Swoboda

Broadly, yes.

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Boo. These days I actively avoid games like that regardless of what else they may offer. There are enough games around that can get my money and time instead.
Also I’ve attended a few weddings in FFXIV and in a lot of them, the characters’ genders didn’t match the RL players’ genders anyway. Have some great memories and pics from FFXIV weddings with two brides and other combinations <3

Hikari Kenzaki

This seems very odd… since the actual Marriage mechanic in RO allows same-sex marriage. Not sure why that wouldn’t extend to weddings.

Hikari Kenzaki

Nope, looks like they changed that in 2019. So bizarre.

2017 Same Sex Marriage

2019 Opposite Sex only

Hikari Kenzaki

I can only assume this was influenced by the full court censorship press China did on games in 2019.

Pity. It was the main feature I thought was cool and set it apart from generic eastern MMO.