The Daily Grind: Have you ever gotten married online in a game?

As we continue with our next round of "Never Have I Ever," I'll throw this one out to you: Never have I ever gotten...
I'll take 'bad looks' for $800, Alex.

Revelation Online adds an elaborate in-game wedding – but not for same-sex couples

You know, the great part about MMO weddings is that they let you establish your commitment to someone else in a fantasy setting with...

You are cordially invited to Lord of the Rings Online’s Great Wedding

It's been a wedding 13 years in the making -- and now King Aragorn and Arwen Und├│miel are tying the knot in Lord of...

Black Desert staff help throw a wedding for stuck-at-home players

Turns out Guild Wars 2 wasn't the only MMORPG to host an honest to goodness player wedding this week. Kakao Games let us know...

Guild Wars 2 players have a wedding in-game after their real-life one is postponed

We all know that the pandemic put the kibosh on a whole lot of larger events, but we also have seen lots of smaller...
so happy together, shudder gasp cough

Revelation Online asks to hear your dream wedding for a chance at a pricey in-game wedding

Ah, marriage! That most blessed of unions, a ceremony that brings you joy even if you're just holding it in Revelation Online, and far more...

EVE Fanfest 2018: Two EVE players were married by the space pope. Yep.

Of all the fascinating things the EVE Online community has embraced over the game's almost 15-year lifetime, perhaps the most bizarre is space pope...
Stepping back across time.

How I got married through World of Warcraft

I've mentioned a lot of times, in passing, how my wife and I connected in part through World of Warcraft. But I've never actually...

Heroes of the Storm crowns a dorm champ, catalyzes a wedding

Congrats are due this week to the University of Texas at Arlington, whose Heroes of the Storm e-sports team pretty much walked away handily...

Warframe cordially invites you to a real-world digital wedding

If you've played MMORPGs long enough, you've probably been to at least one in-game wedding -- maybe even one for your own character. But...

DragonCon 2016: Richard Garriott officiates at a real-life convention wedding

What happens at DragonCon doesn't always stay at DragonCon -- at least not for a couple of Shroud of the Avatar players. Their weekend...

MapleStory gives presents for its 10th anniversary

You know what we miss about birthday parties from when we were kids? That the guest of honor would typically get presents for everyone...

One Shots: Wedded bliss

Have you ever gotten married? In game, I mean. Well, if you haven't screenshotted it, it didn't happen. Fortunately this Final Fantasy XIV couple...

Couple gets married in Shroud of the Avatar’s first wedding

Shroud of the Avatar isn't even in proper alpha testing yet, but the fantasy title has already been host to its first in-game wedding. Players...